BALANCE ARCHITETTURA (former BLAARCHITETTURA until 2021), believes that Architecture is assembly and composition of elements and functions in the three dimensions.

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BALANCE ARCHITECTURE (ex BLAARCHITETTURA until 2021) is an international Architecture firm based in Turin, Italy.
They have a second office located in Cuneo, Italy.
They take a part to the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale in the Italian Pavilion.
Since 2011 they have been working in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Big Exhibitions and Urban Planning.
Works of the firm have been published in the most important national and international magazines such as “Domus”, “Platform”, “Detail”, “Abitare”, “The Plan” and “World Architecture”.
As a belief, they think that Architecture is the assembly and composition of elements and functions in the three dimensions.
The team is founded by Alberto Lessan and Jacopo Bracco and is currently completed by Davide Minervini, Giorgio Salza, Alejandra Mora, Alp Arda, Alberto Cout, Eudes Margaria and Jessica Marsengo.
Balance Architecture shown their projects in Turin, Milan, Venice, Selinunte, New York, Rome, Cuneo, Ljubljana and won prizes such as Architetture Rivelate 2017 (by the Chamber of Architects of Turin) and the BigSee Design Award 2019 (Slovenia).

April,18 1983
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He studied in Turin, Göteborg and did his Master Thesis between Italy and China.
Since 2019 he is a professor in IAAD Torino.
He completed his degrees at the Polytechnic of Turin. In 2004-2005 he attended courses at the Chalmers Tekniska Högskola of Göteborg (Sweden).
He graduated with 110 cum laude, in July 2009, with a thesis titled: Architectural and Urban Design of high altitude Wind Generator Kitegen within urban setting in Beijing.
(Published in 2010 as "Meritorious Thesis" by the Polytechnic Athenaeum). /VIEW/
In 2010 he has been registered to the Italian Architects Association and Istitution of the Province of Turin.
In 2011 he founded BLAARCHITETTURA together with Jacopo Bracco whose practice the profession in the fields of architecture, big exhibitions, interior design and urbanism.
Over the years he has been active in teaching and participating in conferences and research projects.
He is inspired by arts, music, nature and cities.

May,2 1982
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He studied Architecture at the first and second faculties of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, obtaining a three-year degree with a research thesis with the Prof. M. Rosso entitled "World Trade Center: The image of architecture. From the World Trade Center to the debate on the reconstruction of Ground Zero ". /VIEW/ and the degree with Prof. N. Comoglio entitled "Passivhaus in Southern Europe: project hypothesis of a home in Porto Empedocles. Agrigento."
Since 2019 he is a professor at IAAD Torino.
Since 2019 he collaborates at the Polytechnic of Turin at the Interior Architecture Course of Prof. Valeria Minucciani.
In 2010 he found the JBL design which deals with the production of design objects made exclusively in Italy.
In 2010 has been registered to the Architects Association and Istitution of the Province of Turin.
In 2011 he founded BLAARCHITETTURA together with Alberto Lessan whose practice the profession in the areas of architecture, big exhibitions, interior design and urbanism.
He gets inspire and found ideas from travelling, nature and sharing knowledge with people.

March,1 1992
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He studied at the Politecnico of Turin and obtained first the Bachelor's Degree and then the Master's Degree with Honors in Architecture for the Sustainable Project in 2017. For his thesis, "Bric(K). A project for the sustainable city of Turin ", he is awarded with a publication of merit by the university and been nominated for the" Young Talent Architect Awards "2018. For almost a year he works in a real estate development company to deepen his technological and executive knowledge, from September 2018 he join the team of BLAARCHITETTURA to work on the issues to which he has always been most fond of: sustainability, innovation and communication of the project.

December,5 1992
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He studied at Politecnico of Turin, gaining experiences abroad, first in Spain where he studied at EINA Zaragoza, and then in China, where he spent a research period in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, developing his master thesis entitled “From Roof to Ground: rethinking Habitat via Roofscape Design”, with which he graduated in 2017. From 2017 to 2020 he works with different realities between Milan and Turin, deepening his technical skills by working on interior projects and international competitions, from February 2021 he join the team of BLAARCHITETTURA. He defines himself as a curious and flexible architect who lets himself be inspired by the context, the people and his travels.

October,8 1998
“For me, life is about constantly learning. That is why my personal goal is to learn, grow and improve every day and my definition of success is to give my best in everything I do.” She is currently studying her master‘s degree at the Politecnico di Torino after the first four years of the career in Colombia. Her goal as an architect is to help communities to fight social inequality and to change society through sustainable projects, both environmentally and economically.

December,16 1997
He is a Sustainable Architecture master student with a civil engineering knowledge (PoliTo) and educational backgrounds in England and Turkey. He finalized various competitions with honourable and gold mentions and attempted a wide range of workshops, including the Industrial Remix workshop, a collaboration between PoliTo and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with this experiment he becomes more interested in the field of urban studies and relations with sustainable cities. He is a follower of artificial intelligence and possible integrations between the human mind.

August,4 1999
She attends the master in "Interior, Exhibit and Retail" at the Polytechnic of Turin. She graduated in "Design and Visual Communication" at the Polytechnic of Turin in September 2020 with a thesis on the effects that Covid-19 has caused in the retail sector. Collaborated with some architectural firms, which are dedicated mainly to interior design in order to go deepen with the concepts learned during academic studies. She defines herself as curious, enterprising and determined, always looking for inspiration for the projects that she wants to complete in the best possible way.

July,7 1975
Architect, he graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2001. He graduated with a thesis entitled "Ex Convent of S.Monica in Savigliano: Types, Technologies and Materials for Construction". Supervirors Prof. M.I. Cametti and L. Barosso. He qualified for the free profession of Architect and enrolled at the Order of Architects of Cuneo with no. 101 on 03 July 2002. He is qualified for Safety in Construction Sites (Legislative Decree 494/96) since December 2004. Since 2002 he collaborates with Franco Lessan Architect studio. Performs collaborations at the Politecnico di Torino in the model laboratory in which he participates in the performance of numerous workshops in collaboration with the E.N.S.A.M. of Chambery. Participates in various courses and specializations including: specialization in the field of safety in temporary and mobile construction of the Legislative Decree 14 August 1996, Building Acoustics Course, Course for the preparation of the Certificate of Energy Certification, updates on "Piano Casa Regione Piemonte" and "Roofs and Wooden Houses". In addition to Italian, he is fluent in French.

July,21 1990
Architect, he graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin in Architecture Building City with merit and worthy thesis entitled "Through a fragment of Beijing" (Supervisor M.Bonino); the project deals with the redevelopment of a Peking unit of work.
During his university years he carries out training periods at the ENSA in Toulouse and several summer schools in the Far East.
After graduation, in parallel with his own professional activity, he collaborates with teaching at the Polytechnic of Turin and Milan.
Member of the Order of Architects of Turin, from September 2017 he collaborates with the STUDIO LESSAN COUT and BLAARCHITETTURA.

January,11 1994
The world of architecture conquered her as a child, directing her in the future choices of studies. She studied at the Technical Institute for Surveyors of Cuneo, where he graduated in 2013, and obtained at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin, where he holds the Bachelor's Degree in September 2016. Frequently the second of the Degree Course Master of Architecture for the Restoration and Valorisation of Heritage. Functionality, harmony, innovation but also time and importance of historical memory are necessary for the basis of architectural planning. Accuracy, order and imagination are part of his working method, combined with the desire to learn and get involved to face new challenges.

We collaborated, we collaborate and we are advised by:

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A.I.A.C. (Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica)
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