Turin, Italy

Typology Renovation // Location Turin, Italy // Timetable 2014 // Client Private // Surface 65 sqm // State Completed
Project Alberto Lessan, Jacopo Bracco // Photo credit Chiara Allione
This project is part of the research path that our office face towards the interest of the materials and its use. We have been encharged of the restoration of an apartment in the historical center of Turin, close to Piazza Vittorio Veneto. We take intervention in a manner rather delicate on the existing situation, focusing our fi eld of action in the area of the kitchen/living. The passion fot the music of our client becomes the generative element of the project. The kitchen is designed to be a resonating chamber of a violin, totally wooden, in the vertical walls and in the ceiling.
The obtained benefi t is to muffl e the sounds and noises in the open space of the kitchen/living and to give a scenographic and tactile special aspect. The kitchen is a continous casting of concrete, that is a vertical structural element and a horizontal supporting surface. The marble of Calacatta, already existent, has been maintained in the living room, and fl anked by a resin that keeps the color of its grains. Windows and doors has been deliberately left unaltered (possibly subject to future intervention) to look forward to a high spatial and material quality of the spaces.